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Show nameCarnacki
Show DJs Carnacki
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Time Title Artist Album Label Genre
12:03 am I'm Not Like Everybody Else Paul Roland Sarabande Gaslight Rock/Pop
12:08 am In the Death Car Goran Bregovic Welcome to... Mercury Records Other
12:13 am Solenzara Sir Richard Bishop The Freak of Araby Drag City Other
12:18 am Bad Habit Dresden Dolls S/T 8ft Other
12:21 am Pirate Jenny Barbez S/T Black Freighter Other
12:24 am Dying Bed Charming Hostess The Bowls Project Tzadik Other
12:28 am mic break Mic Break
12:33 am Pigalle Baguette Quartet à la noce S/R Other
12:36 am Mean Zoe Boekbinder Artichoke Perfume S/R Other
12:39 am Cinnamon Sea Lisa o Piu When This Was The Future Subliminal Sounds Other
12:43 am Flying Jelly Attack Mr. T Experience Making Things With Light Lookout! Rock/Pop
12:46 am I Want to Hear Horns Stikky Spamthology Volume 1 Sound Pollution Rock/Pop
12:50 am The Incredibly Blue Moustache of Mr. Tinselteeth Eyeball The Thing That Ate Floyd Lookout! Rock/Pop
12:54 am mic break Mic Break
12:57 am Cancer of the Heart Skyclad Vintage Whine Massacre Metal
01:02 am Freedom Club Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Of Natural History Web of Mimicry Metal
01:12 am Bone Frequency Nurse With Wound The Swinging Reflective United Dairies Other
01:22 am Droplet Uz Jsme Doma Caves Cuneiform Other
01:26 am mic break Mic Break
01:31 am You Fucking People Make Me Sick Swans My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope to The Sky Young God Other
01:36 am If I Didn't Care Inkspots Get Low Rounder Americana
01:39 am Rejoice in Love Sharron Krauss The Woody Nightshade Strange Attractors Audio House Other
01:43 am track 1 (excerpt) Phillipe Petit Henry: The Iron Man Aagoo Difficult
01:50 am Cloudless Day (excerpt) Monos Above the Sky ICR Other
02:01 am Dancing Voices Bulgarian Voices (Angelite), Moscow Art Trio, and Huun-Huur Tu Mountain Tale Zebra Acoustic Other
02:04 am mic break Mic Break
02:10 am Farewell Kitka The Rusalka Cycle Diaphonica Other
02:18 am Schrei X Live (excerpt) Diamanda Galas Schrei X Mute Difficult
02:28 am Already Forming Lake Marielle Jakobsons Sounding Out California NEXMAP Other
02:32 am Sparring Elephant Seals Cheryl Leonard Chattermarks Great Hoary Marmot Other
02:38 am excerpts The Conet Project The Conet Project Irdial Discs Other
02:45 am Knee 5 Philip Glass Einstein on the Beach Elektra Nonesuch Other
02:53 am mic break Mic Break
02:57 am Journey 1 Max Richter Infra 130701 Other
02:59 am Turel Masada String Trio Harborym Tzadik Other
03:05 am 3am Pickpocket Ensemble Memory S/R Other
03:07 am Helpless Against Evolution / Everybody Knew Nerfbau Error Swarms Resipiscent Difficult
03:10 am In Your Dreams Dark Dark Dark Wild Go Supply & Demand Other
03:13 am mic break Mic Break
03:17 am The Frightened City (Nameless Dread Mix) (excerpt) Steven Stapleton and Tony Wakeford Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish Robot Difficult
06:08 pm Truce Dresden Dolls S/T 8ft Other
06:16 pm Captain, Where Are We Going Now? Jason Webley Against the Night S/R Other
06:20 pm A Thousand Flowers Culann's Hounds West Coast Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar 2010 Renée de la Prade Other
06:24 pm part 1 Dean Santomieri The Boy Beneath the Sea The Foundry Other
06:33 pm You Must Be Out of Your Mind Magnetic Fields Realism Nonesuch Rock/Pop
06:35 pm mic break Mic Break
06:43 pm Memorial Michael Nyman The Essential Michael Nyman Band Argo Other
06:54 pm Nell' Ufficio Di Produzione Club Foot Orchestra ...plays Nino Rota Rastascan Other
07:01 pm In My Head a Crystal Sphere of Heavy Fluid Peter Christopherson Foxtrot Chalice Other
07:06 pm Falling Slowly Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova The Swell Season Overcoat Other
07:12 pm mic break Mic Break
07:19 pm Every Sound Below Tim Eriksen Every Sound Below Appleseed Americana
07:22 pm Control Freak Joe Rut Injured While Faking Own Death S/R Americana
07:28 pm mic break - entertainment calendar Mic Break
07:35 pm Heliograph Elise Baldwin Women Take Back the Noise ubuibi Difficult
07:39 pm 731JB664 RK Faulhaber 10 Studies of Texture Music S/R Difficult
07:47 pm Pandora Sxip Shirey Sombule S/R Other
07:52 pm Wayfaring Stranger Loretta Lynch Covers S/R Americana
07:55 pm mic break - entertainment calendar Mic Break
08:01 pm Paralyzing Zoe Boekbinder Artichoke Perfume S/R Other
08:03 pm Girl on a Bicycle Kim Vermillion 31 Days S/R Other
08:05 pm Empire of Light Tin Hat Trio Book of Silk Ropeadope Other
08:08 pm Where the Long Shadows Fall (excerpt) Andrew Liles Where the Long Shadows Fall Dirter Other
08:14 pm mic break - entertainment calendar Mic Break
08:16 pm Another Somewhere Thereabouts Moe! Staiano The Lateness of Yearly Presentations Dephine Knormal Other
08:23 pm Dirty Old Town La Plebe Entre Cerveza Ritmo. Y Emoción... Koolarrow Other
08:26 pm I Won't Give up Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine The Audacity of Hype Alternative Tentacles Other
08:33 pm Fleurs du Mal Blyth Power Land Sea & Sky Downwarde Spiral Other
08:37 pm mic break Mic Break
08:40 pm Sila Tagaq Sinaa Jericho Beach Music Other
08:44 pm Stop Eating Your Skeleton! (excerpt) Doc Wör Mirran Guitarred & Feathered Miss Management Other
08:47 pm Deep Underwater Brash Cheryl Leonard Chattermarks Great Hoary Marmot Other
08:49 pm Meddle Bear Homeless People S/T S/R Other
08:51 pm mic break Mic Break
08:55 pm Amen Henryk Górecki Miserere Elektra Nonesuch Other

Playlist Artists:
 Andrew Liles
 Baguette Quartet
 Blyth Power
 Bulgarian Voices (Angelite), Moscow Art Trio, and Huun-Huur Tu
 Charming Hostess
 Cheryl Leonard
 Club Foot Orchestra
 Culann's Hounds
 Dark Dark Dark
 Dean Santomieri
 Diamanda Galas
 Doc Wör Mirran
 Dresden Dolls
 Elise Baldwin
 Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
 Goran Bregovic
 Henryk Górecki
 Homeless People
 Jason Webley
 Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine
 Joe Rut
 Kim Vermillion
 La Plebe
 Lisa o Piu
 Loretta Lynch
 Magnetic Fields
 Marielle Jakobsons
 Masada String Trio
 Max Richter
 Michael Nyman
 Moe! Staiano
 Mr. T Experience
 Nurse With Wound
 Paul Roland
 Peter Christopherson
 Philip Glass
 Phillipe Petit
 Pickpocket Ensemble
 RK Faulhaber
 Sharron Krauss
 Sir Richard Bishop
 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
 Steven Stapleton and Tony Wakeford
 Sxip Shirey
 The Conet Project
 Tim Eriksen
 Tin Hat Trio
 Uz Jsme Doma
 Zoe Boekbinder
 mic break
 mic break - entertainment calendar

Playlist Labels:
 Alternative Tentacles
 Black Freighter
 Dephine Knormal
 Downwarde Spiral
 Drag City
 Elektra Nonesuch
 Great Hoary Marmot
 Irdial Discs
 Jericho Beach Music
 Mercury Records
 Miss Management
 Renée de la Prade
 Sound Pollution
 Strange Attractors Audio House
 Subliminal Sounds
 Supply & Demand
 The Foundry
 United Dairies
 Web of Mimicry
 Young God
 Zebra Acoustic